Tunkillia (100%)

Tunkillia Project Near the Convergence of the Yerda and Yarlbrinda Shear Zones


Tunkillia is an advanced large scale gold project hosting a 965koz Au JORC (2012) Mineral Resource* at its cornerstone 223 Deposit. Tunkillia is one of South Australia's largest undeveloped gold Resources

The project is situated ~70m SE of the Company's Tarcoola Project on a ~1,360 square kilometre tenement package at the convergence of the highly prospective Yerda and Yarlbrinda Shear Zones. These shears are analogous to major Kalgoorlie shear systems, are 3 - 4km wide and cross some ~50km of Barton's tenements.

The 223 Deposit is 2.5km long, open to depth, and the host mineralisation extends 7km north and 7km south.*

Attractive Large-Scale Mineralisation

Cross-Section Through 111,450mN Showing High-Grade Zones and RPEEE Optimised Open Pit

Mineralisation within the deposit is consistent and frequently in excess of 50m width. Recent detailed analysis has identified a higher-grade geological model with nested high-grade (+5 g/t Au) zones of mineralisation at contact points with mafic dykes. Mineralisation is unconstrained and open to depth extension, with very little drilling deeper than 200m depth and an average historical hole depth of less than 80m.

District-Scale Potential

The current 965koz Au JORC (2012) Resources at Tunkillia are limited to the 223 Deposit, whose host mineralisation extends  a further 7km to the north and 7km to the south. The Project also has multiple established satellite targets along the 223 Deposit's line-of-lode, and in parallel, presenting the opportunity to apply an updated geological approach and infill drilling to convert mineralisation into additional Resources.

Historical drilling on these satellite targets indicates the presence of extensive mineralisation. However, despite a significant base of mineralisation and the availability of multiple advanced targets, the Tunkillia Project has historically been under-capitalised. No significant investment has been made for ~10 years prior to acquisition by Barton, and the satellite targets have not yet been sufficiently drilled to establish JORC (2012) Resources. 

The 223 Deposit at Tunkillia covers less than 2% of the Yarlbinda Shear Zone surface area on EL5901.

Tunkillia 223 Deposit Outline & Local Satellite / Extension Targets

* See Company announcement dated 20 October 2020 here

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