Tarcoola (100%)

Perseverance Pit Mineralised Wireframes, Drill Intercepts & Target Lithologies*


The Tarcoola Project is located ~70km NW of the Tunkillia Project, and is the site of the brownfields Perseverance Open Pit Mine on ML6455. The Perseverance Mine produced +4/gt Au ore feed to the Challenger Mill during 2018. Barton also 100% owns the Challenger Mill.

The Project includes a broader  ~1,200 square kilometre tenement package in a region which Barton has determined hosts an attractive crustal-scale fault structure interacting extensively with medium and small-scale structures near surface. The South Australia Department for Energy and Mining identifies that the Tarcoola Goldfield produced ~2,400km (~77koz) gold from 64,000 tonnes of ore at an average grade of 37.5 g/t Au between 1900 and 1955.^

High-resolution aeromagnetic surveys, 2D seismic analysis, structural geology interpretation and drilling completed by Barton during 2020 have:

  • identified a nearly ~14km long structural model for potential repeats of the Perseverance Pit mineralisation;,

  • further validated the ~500m Deliverance Target beneath the Perseverance Pit;

  • identified a new shallow ~200m long 'Perseverance West' gold zone adjacent to the Perseverance Pit; and

  • confirmed that the Perseverance Shear extends to ~7km depth.

Perseverance Pit Mineralisation

Perseverance Pit mineralisation is open to extension along strike and to depth in all directions. Historical and recent drilling by Barton have confirmed a significant number of high-grade intercepts in the immediate vicinity of the open pit, with two initial deeper holes both intercepting mineralisation over 200m below the pit floor. 

Perseverance Plan View Showing Historical & Recent High Grade Intercepts*

Tarcoola Geology

Barton's 2020 technical programmes have identified a ~3.5km priority target channel extending east across ML6455 and onto EL6210 which is favourable to hosting potential structural repeats of the Perseverance Pit. These targets correlate with gravity, calcrete, geophysical and structural analysis, overlying shallow high grade drilling intercepts, and shallow historical high grade mines in the Tarcoola Ranges which cross ML6455.* 

ML6455 & 6210 (East) Perseverance Repeats Target Channel

ML6455 3D Magnetic Model of Key 'Repeats' Target Areas

2D seismic analysis has confirmed that the Perseverance Shear extends to ~7km depth, and that the  'Perseverance repeats' model extends a further ~10km west onto the western margins of EL6210. This area hosts multiple Perseverance Shear structural analogues and significant intersecting fault structures.*

Interpreted 3D View of Local Tarcoola Project Fault Structures (Looking N/NW)

* See Company announcements dated 3 August 2020, 13 August 2020, 29 September 2020, 1 October 2020, 8 October 2020 and 6 November 2020 here; ^ South Australia Department for Energy & Mining https://energymining.sa.gov.au/minerals/mineral_commodities/gold 

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