Joint Ventures


Barton is party to 2 joint ventures on Exploration Licenses in the vicinity of the Challenger Mill. 

Western Gawler Craton JV

The WGCJV is a joint venture between Barton and Half Moon Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tyranna Resources Limited (TYX). Barton has a present ~22% interest in the WGCJV gold rights.

Sandstone 'All Minerals' JV

The Sandstone JV is a joint venture between Barton and Coombedown Resources Pty Ltd. Coombedown holds a 10% titled and free-carried interest until decision to mine. The Sandstone JV and WGCJV overlap on ELs 5732 and 5998, reducing Barton's effective present gold rights interest to ~20%.

2020.11.17 Barton Gold JVs.png

Barton Gold Joint Ventures & Joint Venture Resources

* For information on WGCJV Mineral Resources see full JORC (2012) Mineral Resources Estimate here and WGCJV JORC (2012) Mineral Resources Estimate published 30 May 2018 by Tyranna Resources Limited (ASX.TYX): Click here for announcement

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