Challenger (100%)

2020.11.11 Challenger Deposit Long Secti

Challenger Deposit Long Section Showing 2020 Resource Model Areas as Solid Colours


The Challenger Mine is an historical high grade underground gold mine which produced ~1.2Moz Au from 2002 - 2018. Mineralisation at Challenger is characterised by quartz vein bearing lodes which exhibit strong geological continuity and extend from surface to ~1.3km depth. The main lodes are offset in plan ~150m by the 215 Shear at ~900m depth.*

Challenger was previously developed to a depth of almost ~1.1km and its M1 and M2 lodes have been mined on several levels below the 215 Shear. Mineralisation remains open to extension at depth, however the deposit has historically been under-capitalised and has not received adequate forward development drilling. 

The asset presents opportunities for potential future extension of Resources and mine plan, however Challenger is not a current investment priority for Barton.

* See Company announcement dated 5 November 2020 here

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